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Editing & Tuning

Is your performance a little sloppy? Fear not! In my Mixing & Mastering standard procedure,
I include editing to fine-tune your performance!

Analog Modeling Plugins

I always use plugins carefully depending on the aesthetics of your song. When I do, I always use some of the best quality plugins in the market.

20 M+ Streams

Don’t trust my words, trust the numbers! More than 20 Million streams and views on songs I Mixed & Mastered

Getting your song to sound excellent, is a detailed process that is divided in several layers. 
  • Pre-Mix Phase.
    This step is crucial in order to understand completely the sound you’re after. We discuss in detail and decide the sonic direction for your song.
  • Editing & Tuning.
    This is usually the first thing we do after we finish recording the music. Fine tuning the performance to make sure it’s gonna shine in the mix.
  • Mixing.
    This is the process of blending the different isntruments and sounds together with one ultimate goal. To make your song sound excellent. This is the part where we are trying to improve the sound sources and blend them together, by using multiple techniques such as EQ and Compression.
  • Mastering.
    The last step in the chain. In this step, we add that 10 % that’s missing from your song to sound absolutely prestine. We also make the song louder in order for it to be competitive with the biggest hits out there!
Check the Spotify Playlist below to listen to a small portion of the songs I’ve mixed and mastered so far.

My Experience

Over the years I’ve produced, recorded, mixed and mastered several songs, EP’s, LP’s in many different genres and styles.

In 2021 alone, songs that I mixed and mastered counted more than 30 Million streams including multiple certified Gold and 2 Certified Platinum Singles and a certified Gold LP album by Immune.

If you take a listen to the above list with the released songs I’ve mixed, you will see that I’ve collaborated with Pop, Hip-Hop, Trap, Rock and House artists and every time the result was as good as it could possibly be. Being able to understand the aesthetics and bring the most out of a song in different genres is something that requires experience and skills.

In my toolkit I also use some of the best plugins in the industry, modeling after legendary hardware gear (such as 1176’s, analog consoles, Pultec EQ’s etc.). Those tools plus real analog gear in my acoustically-treated space can give the warmth and uniqueness to my sound!

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